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The Parenting Podcast

Episode 37||  Response to Birthday boxes - Should you, could you, and why?


The Parenting Podcast Team     Jun 30, 2022  

The TPP Team unwraps thoughts and responses related to Dr. Stephens’ ideas on Birthday Boxes. (Epi 36) So how does this actually fit into real life?  Is my child too young? Too old?  Is this another to-do that is going to make my life harder? Listen in as the Quartet discusses the benefits they see to Boxes and how it is flexible, helpful for our kids at any age, reduces nagging, and makes our job as parents easier.

Each Thursday we release a new TPP episode.  They're about 25 minutes 
and can easily fit into your day!

TPP  -  Bringing you Hope – Helping you Flourish
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