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Current Episodes

Epi 123//The Strength of Adaptability: Exploring Authoritative Parenting

Step into the world of adaptive parenting, where flexibility meets structure to create a nurturing environment for both parents and children. Discover how this approach adapts to the unique needs of each child, nurturing their growth while maintaining a strong foundation of support and guidance.

Epi 122//The Strength of Autonomy: Permissive Parenting

Unlock the secrets of empowering parenting! Explore how to nurture your child's autonomy while offering the support they need. Listen now to this newest installment on parenting styles.

Epi 121//The Strength of Response: Exploring Attachment Parenting

Discover the power of the attachment parenting style which prioritizes emotional connection, responsiveness, and positive discipline. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this perspective and whether it would strengthen your parenting.

Epi 120//The Strength in Structure: Exploring Healthy Authoritarian Parenting

Join us for this episode where we delve into both the challenges and the positive aspects of authoritarian parenting. Learn how clear boundaries and expectations can provide security and support for children and their parents.

Epi 119//Discovering Your Parenting Style: The Journey Begins

Join us as we kick off our series on parenting styles, a big part of the complexities of modern parenting. With a mix of insight and understanding we delve into various approaches, Tune in to discover which methods resonate most with your family dynamics and values.

Epi 118//Glad you asked - Q&A - From Toddlers to Young Adults

In response to questions from you our listeners, the teams tackles several issues - From handling strong-willed toddlers to navigating the uncharted waters of parenting young adults, listen in for support, guidance, and a few stories along the way

Epi 117//What Your Teen Really Needs From You

Listen in as the team navigates the world of parenting teens, emphasizing the need for hands-on emotional support - whether either of you realizes it or not. Learn how empathy and active listening build strong parent-teen relationships.

Epi 116//Encore Presentation: Superpowers of the Introverted Parent

Uncover the magic of introverted parenting! Join us as we explore the hidden strengths and challenges of raising kids as an introvert. Discover how to thrive in your parenting journey with confidence and grace. (Encore of Epi 61)

Epi 115//Glad you asked - Q&A

Get ready to dive into our overflowing mailbag as we tackle questions from our listeners including picky eaters and dramatic kids. Join us on a journey of discovery and insights as we navigate these common parenting challenges together. Tune in now!

Epi 114//What's wrong with my kid? Is this normal? (pt. 2)

Hey parents! Ever wondered, "What's up with my kid?" Join us as we explore the ups and downs of normal parenting, from juggling events to connecting with your preteen, we offer insights and support. Tune in now.

Epi 113//What's wrong with my kid? Is this normal? (pt. 1)

From sibling squabbles to bedtime blues, gain confidence in navigating everyday issues with some practical insights. Join us as we dive into unraveling the mysteries of normal parenting with reassurance and practicality.

Epi 112//The Parenthood Prescription: Prioritizing Your Well-Being

Embark on a journey through the world of self-care for parents. Join us in this follow-up episode as we delve into the empowering journey of prioritizing self-care without guilt uncovering how investing in yourself ultimately benefits your entire family.

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