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Why we are here

To Bring you Hope  and  To Help you Flourish

We here at The Parenting Podcast will tell you over and over. 


Yes we want to share practical helpful ideas, insight, and steps to supply you with tools to use in your parenting – regardless what stage (or stages) you are in. How to handle this kind of behavior. What to say when my teen reacts that way. When to confront or when to just wait. Addressing the daily details of real-life parenting.


But if TPP could only bring one thing to you, one takeaway for your life – as a parent and as a person – it would be the gift of Hope. Not “Oh-don’t-worry-everything-will-work-out- perfectly” false hope.  But true heart hope to hang in there, keep loving, keep persevering, don’t despair-it’s-worth-it kind of hope not just for the moment but for the long haul.


This is why we are here. 


Our Hope is that TPP can bring these qualities to your heart and life as we walk alongside one another through the days, months, and years.

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