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The Parenting Podcast

Episode 9 || Parenting Season #3 - Teens (Pt. 2)

The Parenting Podcast Team     November 11, 2021

Do you remember how aggravating dropped calls were in the early years of cell phones? That old problem may help us understand some of the confusing and fluctuating reactions of our teens – it actually has less to do with our parenting than it does with their changing brains!  Listen in as moms discuss trying to become more engaged and aware of our teens – in the midst of the messiness, pressured schedules, and our blowing it. Join us as we dive into reality but also into hope and encouragement as we chat about this special season moving our teens towards adulthood.

Each Thursday we release a new TPP episode.  They're about 25 minutes (30 for KIR moms' discussions) 
and can easily fit into your day!

TPP  -  Bringing you Hope – Helping you Flourish
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