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The Parenting Podcast

Episode 12|| Parenting Season #3 - Teens (Pt. 3)

The Parenting Podcast Team      December 2, 2021

This conversation about the teen season of parenting jumps right into the middle of the issues of releasing our teens to make more decisions and be responsible when we know they are going to make mistakes.  The moms around the table bring reality and insight as they discuss what this looks and feels like as they talk about the difficult balance between wisely allowing consequences while remaining a healthy safety net. You are going to be challenged and encouraged as we dive into the reality of this special season of moving our teens towards adulthood.

Each Thursday we release a new TPP episode.  They're about 25 minutes (30 for KIR moms' discussions) 
and can easily fit into your day!

TPP  -  Bringing you Hope – Helping you Flourish
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