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The Parenting Podcast

Episode 4 ||Parenting Season #1 - The Hiking Guide

The Parenting Podcast Team     October 7, 2021

If your parenting season is with these little ones (ages 0-4ish) then you won’t want to miss hearing the conversation about the Big Picture of being their Hiking Guide including some practical suggestions.  Instead of discussing which diapering method to use, or to sling or not to sling, or the pro and cons of sleeping arrangements, Cheryl and Ellen step back and talk about a much bigger view about loving your little ones well by being a responsive mom. Be encouraged by the opportunities this special time period offers and maybe pick up some hints along the way.

Each Thursday we release a new TPP episode.  They're about 25 minutes (30 for KIR moms' discussions) and can easily fit into your day!

The Parenting Podcast | Ep.4
Parenting Season #1 The Hiking Guide
TPP  -  Bringing you Hope – Helping you Flourish
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